Cook's Companion and Cook's Pocket Companion, by Jo Swinnerton

In the interests of blowing my own trumpet, I must put my own book on here – published some time ago, but still in print, I'm delighted to say. The first was the original edition, and then Pavilion bought the rights and created a smaller pocket edition, shown here. Do 'look inside' here on Amazon and see what you think. The best description of it is that it is a foodie miscellany, full of facts and trivia about food, cooking and eating, from an account of the Annual Monkey Banquet to instructions for how to reverse-engineer a chocolate-chip cookie. In short, it is made up of anything that amused and intrigued me while I was compiling it. 

Proper Puddings by Hugh Evans

I explain all here; this wonderful, custard-yellow book is available on Amazon. I know I am biased, but it is a terrific book, and simply crammed with puddings. The writing is delightful, the drawings charming, and there are marmalade puddings in it. It makes an excellent present, especially at Christmas.


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