Let the boiling begin

So, the World Marmalade Awards are upon us and the Sevilles are being boiled in preparation. I'm making a tiny taster jar for each batch so I can taste each one and send in the best candidate. I'm on Batch Three already and it's only 19 January - not bad, although we've eaten one jar already and given away two, so there's no time for slacking.

The good news for potential entrants in London is that Fortnum's - sponsors and judges of the awards - has upped its game and is offering a Marmalade Exchange as part of the Awards; if you take your entry into the store, they'll send it to Cumbria for you, AND give you a jar of Fortnum's marmalade in exchange. So you don't have to pay postage, and you're up by one jar of rather good marmalade. Almost too good to be true, but it is true - the only drawback is that you need to get your jars in to Piccadilly by 8th Feb. So get boiling.


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