Marmalade Ice Cream (again)

Happy to see in last week's Metro a marmalade recipe in the middle of what we are laughably calling summer. Admittedly it was for Marmalade on Toast Ice Cream, which would have been seasonally appropriate had the temperature ever risen above chilly. The book is called Melt, by Claire Kelsey, and the recipe looks superb. It is very like my mother's Brown Bread Ice Cream, which was homemade vanilla ice cram with nuggets of brown breadcrumbs caramelised in sugar. This does the same thing and adds marmalade. So it's clearly a winner. 

It was accompanied by a beautiful picture of the ice cream served in an old Keiller’s jar, but as I am copyright-shy, I haven't nicked it - instead the picture above is of Ruby Violet’s Marmalade Ripple ice cream from my local ice cream shop. As good as ever. Even when the temperature is only 15ÂșC.


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