Designer labels

So, these arrived in the post today:

It's hard to find anything that costs £2.99 that amuses me as much as these do. And they work brilliantly.

So simple, but so pleasing. A good start to the week.

If you want some for yourself, you can get them here: just choose a design and email them with your choice of wording.

Following the last post about the dearth of nice jam jar labels, I’ve now discovered that there are hundreds of talented designers out there, creating fantastic labels that you can download for free and print yourself, assuming your printer is up to the job.

These, for example, which you can download here:

And I found these vintage labels, and lots more like them, in an inspired collaboration between an independent designer and a stationery website:

They are designed to fit a particular size of pre-cut label, which I can get from my local stationery shop and put through my printer. Brilliant. The website also offers instructions on how to customise them.

So I hereby withdraw my previous whine that there are no nice labels out there. There are hundreds; I was just looking in the wrong place.


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