Man-made Marmalade

Am still smarting from tasting some excellent marmalade made by Roly, G's cousin, who produces science programmes for Radio 4. While visiting at Easter, I explain my latest method to him with all the theories about pectin and sugar ratios, hoping his inner scientist will appreciate my attention to detail. He says he just throws it all in without weighing anything then adds water in random quantities and boils it till it sets. I laugh. I taste it. It’s much better than mine. Damn.

Meanwhile, I noticed in Monday's Metro newspaper an interview with Sandy Nairne, director of the National Portrait Gallery, who said that one of his ambitions was 'to improve his marmalade making'. A fine ambition for any Englishman, methinks. Once I've cracked my perfect recipe, I'll have to send him a copy. Or maybe I'll just send him Roly's.


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